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Ways to Support

While central to our goals, strategic grantmaking is just one part of our work..

Here are four ways to be a catalyst for improving the lives of women and girls in NEFL.



In Her Own Words

Anita Vining

“I rarely attend WGA events, but I write my check every year faithfully because I know the grants are wisely chosen, and do so much good in this community.”

– Anita Vining, WGA Member

“Becoming a Legacy Member met all my criteria for a major gift: a cause I believe in, careful stewardship, and the multiplier effect of collective giving. It still makes me smile whenever I think about it.”

– Kate Ligare, Legacy Member

“After meeting some genuinely fun ladies at a WGA event, I was encouraged to take a more active role. I wasn’t sure I could with a husband and young daughter while also working. I’m happy to say I found a committee where I participate online or by phone with the time available.”


– Tara Braithwaite, WGA Member