Our Process

WGA grants committee members see grants through from decision to evaluation and impact during the life of the grant.

Our grantmaking begins with careful decision-making. Once funding begins, our evaluation process places great emphasis on collaborating with nonprofit grantees during the life of their grants.

We strive not only to be good stewards of our investment, but to also share learnings and fine-tune projects as we go. We are continually scanning the horizon and conducting research to make sure we are focusing on the highest impact areas for women and girls in Northeast Florida.

Grants Committee Teams

WGA’s Grants Committee is made up of the following teams:

Grants Committee Teams

Our Grants Committee is made up of the following teams:

Grants Leadership Team

Grants Leadership Team

The Grants Leadership Team spearheads the responsibility to be the fiduciary stewards of our members’ contributions for the grants awarded and the efforts to research, listen, act, and partner with the nonprofit community. The team also plays a research role by staying abreast of how other giving circles grant funds, as well as what other leaders in philanthropy are considering and acting on when funding nonprofits. The Grants Leadership Team also hosts an annual Convening Session with all active and newly awarded WGA grantees to hear directly from grantees themselves on what they need. Learn more about how we listen to grantees.

The Grants Leadership Team not only works with the grants teams but also serves on WGA leadership committees to network effectively on the synergies betweens Grants, Education, DEI, Advocacy, and Communications.

Grants Decision Team

The Grants Decision Team is composed of two teams, the Core Team and the Virtual Team. Both teams bring a wide variety of experiences and skills and share a joint training session at the outset of the grantmaking cycle. However, after training, team members may opt for an in-person or a virtual path to participation.

Core Team

Core Team Members receive grant applications electronically and have approximately four weeks to review all applications, prepare questions, identify concerns and respond to an online evaluation of each agency applicant. Core Team Members then participate in an in-person review session which, with feedback from both the Virtual Team and the Grants Finance Team, leads to the identification of the “short list” of grantseekers.

Virtual Team

Virtual Team Members receive grant applications electronically and have approximately four weeks to review all applications, prepare questions, identify concerns, and respond to an online evaluation (which completes their participation). WGA Members new to WGA, Northeast Florida, or to grantmaking often find this role to be an excellent learning experience.

Throughout the process, Core and Virtual Team Members adhere to a strict code of confidentiality and ethics regarding the applications and the decision process.

Grants Evaluation Team

Grants Evaluation Team

The Evaluation Team becomes WGA’s liaison to the grantee upon the awarding of a grant. Evaluation Team members sign up to follow a grantee for the life of the grant, building a familiarity and relationship with the grantee. The Evaluation Team engages in quarterly contact with grantees (not tied to reporting or funding) to listen and learn.

The Evaluation Team serves as WGA’s boots on the ground, and advances requests for support from grantees to the appropriate WGA committee. In addition, feedback from the grantees often is valuable for other WGA initiatives.

Learn more about how the Evaluation Team listens to grantees.

Grants Finance Team

Grants Finance

The Grants Finance Team plays a key role in its review of all applications and the accompanying financial data. This team supplies the Decision Team with an assessment of the grant seeker’s financial status as well as relaying any relevant, clarifying financial questions for the Decision Team’s site visits.

The Grants Finance Team supports the Evaluation Team by reviewing current grantee financial information to identify additional ways WGA may help.

Grants Finance Team members all share a financial or operational background with particular emphasis on identifying trends or red flags in nonprofit financial data; however, any working knowledge of financial statements and a willingness to learn nonprofit finance are credible credentials for this highly versatile team.

Learn more about our grant history.