What We Do


Facts drive solutions.

Everything we do starts with research. As we invest in solutions, we openly share what we’ve learned to increase understanding and support.


Our Approach

To make grants that impact the lives of women and girls, WGA first finds the data, then identifies the issues, especially those affecting the most vulnerable groups. Finally, we seek examples of success.

Our approach is multi-faceted.

  • Research – We talk with women, girls and the agencies that serve them to uncover needs and insights. Next, we turn to secondary research, poring over local, state and national data.
  • Share what we’ve learned – We pride ourselves on transparency, and prioritize communication with nonprofits, policy makers, the media and the public.
  • Make actionable data more accessible – From time to time, we partner with other organizations to make data available to wider audiences:

FWFA Reports

Since 2016, WGA has funded the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) on the Status of Women in Florida which has been distributed by the Florida Women’s Funding Alliance (an affiliate of the Florida Philanthropic Network).

Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center research on the Status of Girls in Florida

WGA funded the research which led to the 2021 report “Research to Action: Make Girls a Priority in Florida”.

Strengthening the Pipeline for Women's Advancement to Leadership

An exciting new report in The Status of Women in Florida series was issued in 2020, sponsored by the Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Coalition, a coalition of 14 organizations including WGA.

Focus and Fields of Interest

In 2012, WGA Members voted to focus our resources for several years on a single topic such as Breaking the Cycle of Female Poverty or Mental Health for Women and Girls. These focus areas dovetail with four broad overarching Fields of Interest which are critical to the well-being of women and girls.

Educational Attainment – Recognizing the close correlation to a woman’s long-term economic and health status, WGA has interest in improving education outcomes encompassing pre-school through higher education and job preparation.

Economic Empowerment – Improving the economic circumstances of women involves educational attainment, training to qualify for well-paying jobs, mentoring, personal financial management and support for women business owners.

Physical & Mental Health – Improving the health and well-being of women and girls requires access to quality care to address their specific physical and mental health needs, as well as to information and skills to improve health outcomes.

Safety & Justice – Steps to keep women and girls safe from violence and victimization are a priority along with addressing the frequent consequences – like involvement with the criminal justice system and addiction – when abuse occurs.

Join Us

We invite you to join us in this process. Here are a few ways to increase your understanding of key issues impacting women and girls:

In Her Own Words

“You are probably asked to donate to many worthy causes and you may feel like you’re not making a real impact. However, with WGA’s research-based strategic philanthropy model that takes a deep dive into community needs, you can be assured your contribution will bring real impactful change.”

– Barbara Finke, CPA, WGA Finance and Grants Finance Committees

“WGA’s investment in research allows us to base our grantmaking on data and to demonstrate we are serious about having an impact, about moving the needle.”

– Scott McGehee, Past Chair WGA Grants Committee

Sandy Cook

“WGA’s decision to direct our philanthropy to improve the lives of women and girls was due to the very limited philanthropic and programmatic resources available to do so. The combination of WGA’s grants and the research that supports them has been critical to bring the needs of 50+% of our population to light.”

– Sandy Cook, WGA Past President

“The group obviously puts a great deal of thought and study into its grants, as illustrated by its various reports. There is a depth of effort and a sophistication that is rarely seen.”

The Florida Times-Union – editorial about WGA’s impact