Joyful Giving & Service

Joyful Giving and Service! That concept was at the core of the Mission Possible task team.

The team was formed to address the Strategic Plan’s key focus area of organizational effectiveness and set about to create an “effective, aligned organizational structure which increases communications and coordination between committees.” Sounds boring? Not at all!

Early on the team understood that an organization of nearly 500 smart, accomplished, and passionate women needed more than just a structure change to stay relevant and sustainable.  WGA needed to engage and use all our members’ brainpower and enthusiasm to move our mission forward.  So, the team set out to create a structure that encouraged members to:

  • Voice ideas and opinions
  • Establish meaningful relationships
  • Take risks and try new things
  • Better connect to our mission and grantees
  • Engage more actively and easily
  • Have fun together

In other words – Joyful Giving and Service!

The plan is to transition the current Steering Committee to an Operating Board with the responsibility to plan, develop, manage, and promote WGA’s activities and programs. The implementation of the plan and WGA’s calendar will be conducted through committees including Membership, Grants, Programs, Governance, Finance and Communications.

The new Executive Committee, composed of the officers and the senior member of the Grants Leadership team, will provide direction, resources, and oversight in line with WGA’s affiliation with The Community Foundation and the strategic plan.

The team also made recommendations to bridge the gap between how we operate today and the vision for the future. These included strategies around more diverse membership options, volunteer and leadership recruitment and training, and events planning.

For this to be successful, we need diverse voices on all our committees and to engage more of our members in meaningful and fun ways. You can help make our Mission –“Inspiring women to be strategic philanthropists and investing in the lives of women and girls in Northeast Florida”- Possible! So please consider stepping forward and volunteering to make WGA an even more impactful organization.

A big thanks to the Mission Possible task team members for their thoughtful ideas and clear voices: Sheila Collier, Jana Ertrachter, Pam Field, Doreen Gross, Marty Jones, Jennifer Kowkabany, Sabeen Perwaiz, Susan Rodgers, Nikki Sabol and Gracie Simendinger.